Debt, resolved.

We’re a debt resolution agency that puts your customers first but that doesn’t mean our clients aren’t a priority.

The Digital DRA are committed to building great partnerships with our clients, which is why we have built an industry leading client portal, helping to bring the debt recovery world into the 21st century.

We’re giving our clients the controls they need to ensure that their brand and reputation is protected without having to compromise on performance.

Take a look below to find out how the future of debt isn’t collection, it’s resolution:

Completely unique to the industry, we give all our clients their very own portal. This allows them to keep an eye on performance, review analytics, answer queries or upload/download update files. This is on top of your dedicated account manager who will always be on hand to help whenever needed.
Tired of urgent requests to place an account on hold being met by a generic auto-reply and 48-hour SLA? Well, time to say goodbye to all that. Our Client Portal lets you immediately place an account on hold, gives you total oversight of contact history, and lets you bulk-pause and restart outgoing campaigns in real time.
We have all the reports you’ll ever need, giving you valuable insights into your customers’ behaviour patterns and letting you keep a close eye on performance. All our reports are in real time (yes, real time), come in an easy-to-read format and are downloadable in CSV or PDF to suit your needs.
We’ve ditched the spreadsheets. With our Client Portal, you can manage your customer queries, view and download supporting documents, and upload copy agreements or bills all in one place.
Debt can be a sensitive subject, so bombarding your customers with calls and letters will make them run, not talk. Our digital-only approach doesn’t back customers into a corner. Instead, it lets them self-manage their accounts 24/7, which means better engagement from them, and better results for you.
We believe people respond more positively to digital contact channels, which are less intrusive and make potentially difficult conversations much easier. For the customers who need to chat, our agents are on hand to help via webchat, WhatsApp, conversational SMS and email.
Open banking is a practice that allows banks and third-party financial service providers secure access to your banking and other financial data. This means, if and when you authorise us to do so via your banking App, we can take payment directly from your account or calculate an affordable payment plan based on your income and expenditure information.
To make it as easy as possible for your customers to resolve their debts, we offer a range of payment options - from Open Banking Faster Payment service, Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal to more traditional methods like card payments and bank transfer.
Our bespoke API lets our clients pull data relating to payments, closures, queries or contact attempts as they happen, so your CRM is always up to date. This is available on top of our standard data file exchanges, which you’ll receive daily via SFTP.
We know that business resources can be limited when it comes to managing debt. That’s why we’ve made it easier than ever to maintain and manage your accounts. If you want to use our client self-serve features, great. If not, let us do the heavy lifting . Either way, help will be on hand whenever you need it.


We’re invested in changing the way people perceive dealing with debt. Our teams are constantly innovating and leveraging technology to improve the customer journey wherever possible. In doing so we have formed several strategic partnerships with industry recognised service providers to increase positive outcomes and reduce customer harm and brand detriment.

White Label

Struggling to find the capacity to manage your early-stage arrears? No problem. Our bespoke, white-labelled service turns us into an extension of your team.

Seamless Experience

Anything we send to your customers is presented using your branding, style and tone. Just as if you were sending it yourself.

Keep Total Control

You can use our Client Portal to manage your accounts in real time, so you stay in complete control.

Bespoke Customer Portal

Our Customer Portal can be customised to match your branding, making our platform an extension of your current online offering.

Payment Gateway Integration

We can integrate directly with your current payment provider so all customer payments will go directly to you.

Seeing is believing

The best way to show you how good we are is, well, to show you how good we are…

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