We don’t just collect debt. We resolve it.

We are The Digital Debt Resolution Agency.

Give your customers the helping hand they need to resolve their overdue account.

No more stigmatisation, no more ‘collecting’. Just straightforward help that brings hope, not headaches.

Join The Resolution.

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Resolution not Collection

We are a debt resolution agency that’s focussed on helping customers resolve their overdue accounts whilst moving away from the ‘collections’ narrative that’s sometimes negatively perceived.

We believe by putting the customer first, being completely fair and transparent and by providing the tools they need to resolve their account, better outcomes can be had for all.

Specialising in resolving overdue consumer debt, we’re setting a new standard in engagement and rehabilitation by deploying the best technology and digital solutions available.

We’ve replaced daunting phone calls and letters with digital chat tools so your customers get complete and transparent control of their situation, encouraging them to resolve their account instead of ignoring it. And because with us your customers are more motivated and less stressed, you get your accounts resolved faster and more effectively.

If you’re looking for a new way to manage your overdue debt, you need to #JoinTheResolution

Key Benefits for Your Customers

Control and convenience, 24/7

We encourage your customers to manage their accounts 24/7, at a time and place that’s convenient for them. We don’t back them into a corner.

We're digital first, second and third

We give your customers the freedom to resolve their account digitally, without any daunting phone calls. Because let’s face it, no one wants to talk to a debt collector on the phone.

No unnecessary escalation (!)

Why put customers through the stress of escalating their account? Our friendly team and easy to use Customer Portal encourages greater engagement and resolutions from your customers. Add in the cost saving from not escalating and you get more control, less stress. Just how debt resolution should be.

Customers, not d*btors

Being in debt isn’t a punishment, so let's stop treating it like one. Our friendly approach lets your customers shake off the stigma associated with ‘debt collectors’ and encourages them to resolve their accounts without unnecessary added pressure before it becomes a long-term issue.

The best outcome. Always.

There’s more to rehabilitating a customer account than just taking payments. Should they wish, your customers can speak to us over digital channels and, together, we’ll secure the best possible outcome for you and your customers.

Align with customer preference

If your customers prefer being called three times a day or getting endless letters in the post, we’re probably not the perfect partner for you.

If your route to market is mainly online, why would your customers want to manage their account offline? By matching these engagement habits we are able to achieve stronger performance and better outcomes.

The Digital DRA Customer Portal

We're giving your customers the tools they need to resolve their account without interfering with their schedule.

Seeing is believing

The best way to show you how good we are is, well, to show you how good we are…

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Client Portal

We're an outsourced partner with a difference.

All our clients get their own portal access giving them the controls and oversight they need, to ensure their customers and brand are protected at all times.

Real-Time Activity Management

With our Client Portal, you are always in control. Whether you need to pause/restart customer contact or place an account on hold while you investigate a query - you can do so in just a few clicks.

Detailed Insight, Complete Oversight

Our full suite of real-time performance and engagement analytics gives you an instant insight into how your customers are responding to our digital approach.

All interactions are tracked and easily auditable via our Client Portal, giving you unparalleled QA oversight.

Total Control

Our Client Portal allows you to:

  • Upload or download update files
  • Answer queries and add documents
  • Maintain and audit customer records
  • Set your own reporting schedule

Prefer us to manage everything? No worries. As part of the onboarding process, we will agree SFTP/API integration requirements.

Resolve Accounts Your Way

From deciding strategy lengths to communication content, you can design and build a resolution strategy to fit your brand and compliance framework.

Not sure of the best approach? No problem – use one of our pre-built strategies or we can build a bespoke one just for you.

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We’ve got it covered.

As we operate in a highly regulated environment, our technology and solutions have been built and tested to the highest industry recognised standards and our accreditations demonstrate our commitment to compliance.

We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and have ISO27001 & ISO9001 certifications. Our systems and security protocols are Cyber Essentials certified and we are PCI DSS and GDPR compliant. We are also an active member of the Credit Services Association.

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